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Chosen by God

Scripture is clear that God's people are chosen. They are chosen to reveal the one, true God throughout history and over all the world. This is an incredible blessing both for God's people and the world. God does not have to use people. God does not have to reveal Himself. Actually, His choice in this matter proves that He is both personal and relational.

As fantastic as that may be, the other day I came across a passage speaking about God's chosen people and I was caught by an issue of perspective. When I hear God say, "you are chosen" do I apply it to myself or to others? What I mean is, how does that truth affect my life? To be chosen by God is enough of a mind job to completely absorb every bit of of my focus for the rest of my days. However, it could easily be turned outward in a negative way. To give it a distorted application all we have to do is add a line saying something like, "I am chosen... and you are not." If I do that then I am completely…