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Chosen by God

Scripture is clear that God's people are chosen. They are chosen to reveal the one, true God throughout history and over all the world. This is an incredible blessing both for God's people and the world. God does not have to use people. God does not have to reveal Himself. Actually, His choice in this matter proves that He is both personal and relational.

As fantastic as that may be, the other day I came across a passage speaking about God's chosen people and I was caught by an issue of perspective. When I hear God say, "you are chosen" do I apply it to myself or to others? What I mean is, how does that truth affect my life? To be chosen by God is enough of a mind job to completely absorb every bit of of my focus for the rest of my days. However, it could easily be turned outward in a negative way. To give it a distorted application all we have to do is add a line saying something like, "I am chosen... and you are not." If I do that then I am completely missing out on God's purpose and blessing in revealing His chosen people.

If the purpose of God choosing a people is to reveal Himself to all people then every person must be able to read those words, "you are chosen" with the possibility that they could apply to them. This is the essence of the work of Jesus Christ. Scripture does not say, "There are a few of you who have been chosen by God and all others have no chance of being chosen." That would deny the Gospel! When it says, "You are a chosen people" the next biblical thought is, "so that you can proclaim Him." I do not pick and choose who may be God's people and I need to capture any thought that carries that implication. If the Gospel was people centered then the purpose of life would be to earn salvation and God's "choice" would be based on merit. This is what makes sense from our limited perspective but that is not aligned with God's truth. Being Christ centered, salvation is by grace through faith and that message then becomes the substance of our purpose.

If we misapply our status then we do not accomplish our purpose.

Every one of His people has been redeemed out of darkness and we know, by our testimony, just how excellent is the Lord, our God. The application, every time we hear God say, "you are chosen" is an attitude of thanksgiving and a determination in our mission to proclaim the Gospel.

Thank you God that I was not chosen based on my works. Help me keep your perspective as I think about others, and give me the strength to share the truth of your Gospel with every person in my life.


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